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Diabetes and Low Testosterone

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Many men with type two diabetes suffer from sexual issues, such as having low testosterone or erectile dysfunction. According to the American Diabetes Association, most men don’t feel as comfortable as women discussing health issues, such as diabetes, sexual dysfunction and depression. Unfortunately, due to this, it’s possible men can go undiagnosed and it leads to further, more dangerous health issues. 


Men who have diabetes have double the risk for low testosterone. Researchers are drawing a correlation between men who have low testosterone being linked to diabetes, metabolic syndrome and obesity. Positively, this research has shown that testosterone therapy can actually help minimize the risk of type 2 diabetes in men. This is because testosterone and insulin work closely together to help bring up glucose (blood sugar) into the tissues. In the event an individual has low testosterone, they will need to produce more insulin to keep control glucose levels. 


A testosterone deficiency often presents symptoms such as low energy, muscle loss, depression and low libido and sometimes even erectile dysfunction. In order to diagnose low testosterone, it’s important to have a blood test. If you are someone who is suffering from these symptoms or think you may have low testosterone related to diabetes, contact us today to get started.


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