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COVID-19 and Low Testosterone: What You Should Know

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There’s a lot still unknown about how COVID-19 impacts the body and why some individuals are more susceptible than others. While data has been evolving every moment of the day, we are beginning to be able to conclude certain findings. Research is showing that men with low testosterone are even more susceptible to COVID-19, and in some cases leading to more severe complications. 


Studies are revealing two important pieces of information. First, men who are sickened with COVID-19 are showing lower levels of testosterone than those who didn’t contract the virus. What does this mean? Well, one could hypothesize two causes. Is it to say the COVID-19 damaged the hormone levels in those who were infected or is it because of low levels that an individual was infected in the first place? The situation is a tricky one, but manageable. 

Dr. Sachin Shah, Medical Director of Advanced Anti-Aging states, “Covid can produce significant inflammation throughout your body. A higher inflammatory state can cause your body to react in various ways including lowering your testosterone amongst other issues. In turn, low testosterone can effect your immune system (body’s ability to fight infections). Keeping the hormones as well as your immune system in check, will help fight covid and hopefully build up your body’s ability to fight or prevent covid.”


Here’s our advice. First, getting yearly physicals and blood draws is critical. Prior to any hormone therapy treatment in our office, all patients are required to get a comprehensive panel of bloodwork done to identify what is going on with the body. After this, we perform a comprehensive wellness exam where we review blood work. This is where we can spot deficiencies that play a role in the hormone levels in the body, specifically focusing on testosterone. Regardless of if you had COVID-19 or if you are trying to be proactive in preventing it, keeping your hormone levels in check is critical. 


Soon we’ll be finding out more of the long-term impacts that COVID-19 has on the body. But until then, it’s important to make sure your hormone levels are at the optimal level for your body. Men with low testosterone often experience fatigue, brain fog, weight gain and sometimes a diminished sex drive. If you experience these symptoms, contact our office right away for a consultation. If you were infected with COVID-19 and think you may have low testosterone as a result, contact our office today to get your blood screening scheduled and comprehensive wellness exam secured. 

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