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I started TRT but am still not losing weight. Why?

Low testosterone levels in men can sometimes mean they hold onto body fat and have trouble losing weight. As men age their testosterone levels tend to decrease and at the same time are likely to gain more belly fat. Body fat has an enzyme called aromatase, which converts testosterone into estrogen. When someone has higher estrogen levels in their body, their hormonal system tells the body to slow down its production of testosterone. Inability to lose weight is a pretty common complaint from our patients, which is what brings them to our office.

When starting a TRT program, we start with a blood test. This panel allows us to dive deep into the inner workings of your body and see how it’s functioning on granular level. Once we determine if you’re a good candidate for TRT, we then design your customized program.

If weight loss struggles is your chief concern, supplementing your system with testosterone or HCG isn’t going to magically make your unwanted fat vanish. At Advanced Anti-Aging, we take a holistic approach, starting with balancing your hormones, and then suggesting lifestyle changes to help you really feel the effects of the program. This can include dietary changes, exercise suggestions and much more.

Typically patients begin to feel the effects of the program within 2-8 weeks. Like with any attempt at weight loss, it does take time! So, the weight may stick around for a bit, but within the first month or so, you should begin to feel some changes, such as more energy, which will help you crush your goals in the gym.

At Advanced Anti-Aging, we offer a comprehensive treatment plan for men who are ready to feel their best once again! Through monthly testosterone replacement therapy programs and guidance on diet and exercise, your experience at Advanced is highly personalized just for you. Contact us today if you are ready to feel just as good as you did in your twenties! Call or text Lisa at 973-998-7770.

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