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When will I start feeling my energy levels rise?

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Taking the step toward feeling better and beginning a testosterone replacement therapy program is a big one. Many people want to know, “when will I start feeling the effects of testosterone therapy?” Well, the first thing most of our patients notice is their energy levels. Most commonly, an individual who begins TRT will typically begin to see the results of the therapy between weeks 2 and 8. 


It’s important to note, every person is different and responds to their programs in different ways. For some, testosterone replacement therapy can take several months to resolve symptoms such as, weight gain, fatigue and low libido. This is understandable as losing weight is typically a slower process. However, it is possible to feel it as soon as 2 weeks after beginning a program. Many of our patients begin to see an increase in energy levels and a rise in their libido around weeks 2 and 3. Interestingly enough, patients with diabetes could see almost immediate results, seeing insulin levels improving after a few short days!


Let’s face it. Men who begin TRT aren’t in it for the short term. TRT is for life and it’s clear the long term effects will help keep you feeling your best even as you age! Long term, most patients experience an easier time gaining muscle and losing fat, have improved libido, can think clearly and much more. Each person’s body responds uniquely to their program, so if you are on a program and feel as though it’s taking “too long” to feel results, it’s important to speak to your provider to see what else can be done to kickstart the response or if it’s something you need to wait out.

If you think you’re a candidate for TRT, contact us today. Call or text Lisa at 973-998-7770 or through our contact form here. Same day consultations are available free of charge!

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