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Am I a Candidate for Testosterone Replacement?

Nearly 40% of men ages 45 and older have low testosterone levels. That’s close to half of all men! The trouble is, many men don’t know it or they won’t even talk about it. Well, it’s time we smash that stigma and let everyone know that Low T doesn’t mean you’re having problems in the bedroom. It could mean that, but oftentimes it’s so much more. 

As you age, things start to look and feel different. You may find yourself asking, “Why am I tired all the time?” or “Why can’t I think clearly?” You may not have the energy levels you once had, you may not be able to lose weight like you used to, you can’t gain muscle like you used to and sometimes, your libido is seems to be dwindling. Sure, some of this can be attributed to age, but what if there was a way to keep yourself feeling young?

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Testosterone plays a role in many key bodily functions, and believe it or not, the most important time for your body to make testosterone is while you sleep. Quality sleep is hard to come by as we get older and jammed with packed schedules, but it is important to make the time for it. Testosterone is the key hormone behind energy levels, muscle building, mood and memory. Without that great sleep, our body’s ability to perform just dwindles. What happens when your body just can’t make enough on it’s own?

Well, that’s where Testosterone Replacement Therapy comes into play. It’s natural for a man’s body to slow the production of testosterone as they age, but it doesn’t mean it has to stay that way. Supplementing testosterone is a great way for men to feel great and look amazing. Regulating hormone levels can help men lose body fat (especially around the middle), gain muscle, think clearer, sleep better, have a better sex life and even slow down the aging process.

Not all men are candidates for testosterone replacement therapy, but there are other lifestyle changes that can be made to help you feel your best. First, we start with a blood test to review your hormone levels among other performance tests that could be impacting your body’s ability to produce testosterone. Our program is about getting your body back on track. Whether this is through testosterone replacement or a program supplemented with HCG and lifestyle changes, Advanced Anti-Aging is equipped to help you get back on track.

 If you think you’re a candidate for hormone replacement therapy, call or text Lisa at 973-998-7770 to set up your consultation or take our Low T Quiz here. We have in-office and virtual office visits available.