Are You Tired?

One of the most common symptoms associated with low testosterone and hormone imbalances is chronic fatigue. Chronic fatigue as a result of low testosterone or imbalanced hormones is the type of tiredness that doesn't seem to get better, even after regular, quality rest.

Feeling tired all the time makes daily life very difficult. It may be time to check your hormones and see if you have low testosterone or a hormone imbalance.


Male Fatigue

Many think a loss of libido would be the number one complaint for those with low testosterone. However, of the millions of men who have low testosterone almost always complain of extreme fatigue first. Testosterone is not just responsible for the male sex drive. Testosterone is the driving force behind energy and also muscle creation. Without regulated levels, many men with low t will experience difficulty concentrating, difficulty losing weight (especially around the middle), difficulty gaining muscle, Having Constant Fatigue and of course diminished or non-existent sexual desire.

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Fatigue and Low Testosterone

Brain Fog

Poor Sleep Habits


Erectile dysfunction

Never Feeling Rested

Potential Hormone Imbalance

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Bio-identical hormone replacement therapy (BHRT) may provide a solution to your fatigue issues. If you’re interested in getting back the energy like you had in your 20s, please call (973) 998-7770. You shouldn't have to live with imbalanced hormones or low testosterone. Advanced Anti-Aging's testosterone replacement therapy program can help!

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